Motion Picture  MEDIA Portfolio
WEB DESIGN &  Phone:  (250) 494-3023        Cell:  (778) 871-6259         E-mail:  filmworld@shaw.ca           Website:  janiceblackie-goodine.com FEATURE FILMS Position Production Company TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT 1 Set Decorator (Canada) Summit Entertainment TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PT 2 Set Decorator (Canada) Summit Entertainment PASSCHENDAELE Set Decorator Whizbang Film THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD UNFORGIVEN Set Decorator Warner Bros. THE EDGE Set Decorator 20th Century Fox WILD AMERICA Set Decorator (Canada) Morgan Creek THE 4TH WAR Set Decorator Kodiak Film PRIMO BABY Set Decorator (Canada) The Producers Ltd. BETRAYED Asst. Set Decorator MGM / UA DEAD BANG Co-Asst. Set Decorator Lorimar / Warner Bros. DOUBLE PLAY Set Decorator CFCN Productions THE REFLECTING SKIN Asst. Set Decorator Skyhost Canada Ltd. LEAVING NORMAL Alberta-Asst. Set Decorator Universal SUPERMAN III Set Dresser Dovermead HYPERSAPIEN Set Dresser Talia Film MOVIES DIRECT-TO-VIDEO FLICKA 3 Set Decorator 20th Century Fox ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE MOVIES FOR TELEVISION UNFORGIVEN (1992) IRON ROAD Set Decorator Mainland NOMINATION SHARED WITH HENRY BUMSTEAD THE DEATH AND LIFE OF NANCY EATON Set Decorator Voice Pictures MONTE WALSH Set Decorator Georgian Bay Productions GONE IN A HEARTBEAT Set Decorator CBS AGENT OF INFLUENCE Set Decorator Alberta Filmworkers THE INVESTIGATION Set Decorator Voice Pictures CROSSFIRE TRAIL Set Decorator TNT HIGH NOON Set Decorator TBS THE VIRGINIAN Set Decorator TNT PAPA’S ANGELS Set Decorator CBS CONVICT COWBOY Set Decorator MGM / UA ONE MORE MOUNTAIN Set Decorator ABC “BLACK FOX” TRILOGY Set Decorator CBS (Mini Series) ORDEAL IN THE ARCTIC Set Decorator ABC – M.O.W. BLOOD RIVER Lead Set Dresser CBS MEDICINE RIVER Set Decorator CBS TELEVISION SERIES X-FILES (6 - episode specialty series) INTRUDERS (8 - 1 hr episodes) KING & MAXWELL (9 - 1 hr episodes) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (PILOT) EVERWOOD Award Shared with  CAROL SPIER (PILOT) Production Designer MYTH QUEST  (8 – 1 Hr episodes) HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS (22 - 1 hr episodes) HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS (Season 2) (22 - 1 hr episodes) LONESOME DOVE – THE OUTLAW YEARS (22 - 1 hr episodes) LONESOME DOVE – THE SERIES (Initial Decoration of town & 5 - 1 hr episodes) THE MARSHALL (2 - 1 hr episodes) NORTH OF 60 (Initial Decoration of town & 3 – 1 hr episodes) KURT VONNEGUT’S THE MONKEY HOUSE ( 1 – 1/2 hr episode) SUMMER OF ‘45 (Dutch TV series) RAY BRADBURY THEATRE (4 – 1/2 hr episodes) AIRWOLF II (12 – 1 hr episodes) MACGYVER (1 hr episode) HAMILTON’S QUEST (10 – 1/2 hr episodes) COMMERCIALS & Other 1987 Cannes Film Festival Silver Lion winning commercial for Peugeot Eight years Freelance Set Decorator for Access Network (television) In 2004, name was added to the Library of Congress National Film Registry for Set Decoration on the Academy Award winning feature film, "Unforgiven". GENIE AWARD WINNER (2008) PASSCHENDAELE ACHIEVEMENT IN ART DIRECTION Co-Set Decorator UNION AFFILIATIONS:  IATSE 212 / IATSE 891 Set Decorator Alberta Filmwork Alberta Filmwork Set Decorator Set Decorator NCRV (Holland) Asst. Set Decorator MEMBER OF ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS & SCIENCES Set Decorator Atlantis Skyflight Prod. Asst. Set Decorator Paramount TV Warner Bros./Plan B/RSA Set Decorator Set Decorator Set Decorator Set Decorator ABC Studios Set Decorator CBS Television Studios Set Decorator BBC USA Set Decorator 20th Century Fox Over 30 International commercials for various clients, including:  Wrigley's, CBS Sports, Hilton Hotels, Target Set Decorator for an International video for K.D. Lang Mindseye Warner Brothers Paramount / ABC HRI HRI Set Decorator Set Decorator Set Decorator Set Decorator Penta One Productions Disney Disney Set Decorator Alliance Films